The Green Deal

What is it

A loan to instal low and zero carbon technologies in your home.

Launching in October 2012, the Green Deal is set to revolutionise energy advise and will enable every home in the country to become more energy efficient and reduce running costs.

We can help local authorities, social and private landlords, Green Deal banks, suppliers, and installers develop plans ready for the Green Deal.

This is what we will do for the Green Deal

  • Green Deal Advisor
  • Grean Deal Loan
  • Green Deal Supplier
  • Green Deal Installer

This is why we do it

Because we are passionate about offering good, honest service and would like to be able to say that we helped to change the way energy advice is delivered.

It would be great to think we helped reduce our communities carbon consumption and their energy bills, only time will tell.

presidentCarl Harvey

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Our involvement in the Green Deal

Carl has been involved in the development of the Green Deal since 2006, initially he was on the government forum developing the advisor qualification but then became involved in the whole process through his seat on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

As the founding member of the Green Deal Advisor Association he wanted to ensure that the views of advisors were adequately reprented to government.

Carl has also established the Green Deal Trades Network to ensure local tradesmen are kept informed of developments and are able to benefit from the Green Deal.

Carl Harvey